I started working with Todd Mendelsohn this past year in order to bring the lagging bodyparts of my physique to the next level. In order to be a successful competitor at the Team Universe you need the perfect blend of symmetry, mass and definition. As soon as Todd started working with me I gained two inches on my legs courtesy of his training programs and diets. Todd not only is indeed an expert in nutrition (as he is one of the few people that can keep up with me on the subject) but also is an innovator in the area of weight training. His training routines are reminiscent of the high intensity methods used by Tom Platz. Todd's training system stimulates growth from all fiber types and when you combine that type of ballistic training with a supercharged anabolic diet like the one he prescribes you are only bound to grow. Todd's system is really the ultimate natural bodybuilder's steroid!

Thank You for Everything!

Hugo Rivera

NPC Mr Typhoon Bay 2001;NPC Team Universe Welterweight Champion (4th) 2002; Prolab Nutrition Athlete and Nutrition Expert, Author of Body Re-Engineering and The Body Sculpting Bible for Men and The Body Sculpting Bible for Women

Brandon, Florida

Todd Mendelsohn was intrumental in helping me achieve new degrees of muscle mass and hardness this past year. With his system I never did any aerobics for the first time! Todd called me every week to see how I was doing and also helped improved my training and posing skills as well.

Thank You Todd for all your support.

Tera Guzman

NPC 2002 All South BB Overall Champion

NPC 2004 NPC USA Championships Lightweight Champion

St Pete, Florida


Todd Mendelsohn's system allowed me to compete for the first time and win 2 first place trophies! The first win was the NPC Jr. Florida Lightweight Title and the second win was the NPC Typhoon Bay Lightweight Title. At first when Todd was recommended to me I was a bit skeptical about the story of no aerobics for competition but sure enough his system worked! Without Todd's help I could have never achieved the degree of leannes that I got. I remember clearly a competitor asking me how I manipulated my water the day of the show. When I told him about Todd's super hydration method, he chuckled and told me that I did everything wrong. However, an hour later I was the one being awarded the title for first place while he got second.

Thank You Todd for all your expertise. I could not have done it without you!

Johnny Collins

2003 NPC Jr. Florida LW Champion, 2003 NPC Typhoon Bay LW Champion

St Pete, Florida


Todd's principles are the only ones that have ever worked for me at all. As soon as I started using his program, my deadlift went from 185 to over 300 pounds in four weeks. Mass followed as well. If your goal is to get big and strong, Todd is the way to go.

Thanks for everything,

Robert Smith

Clearwater, Florida

The pump that you get on this diet is unreal! Your muscles will swell to grotesque proportions and induce mind boggling pumps when exercised. All your friends will accuse you of being on steroids. As a former hardgainer I can tell you that good genetics or bad you will grow more beef than a cattle stampede by using this system!

Steve Simone

St. Petersburg, Florida

I started using Todd's methods for putting in a bit more size on my frame in preparing for these years competitive season. When Todd told me that he though I could put ten pounds of muscles in four weeks I laughed at him. However, the joke was on me as I gained 20 pounds of muscle while losing four pounds of fat in 4 weeks! For a 40 year old woman who has been training over 20 years I thought this was impossible. However, the amount of nutrients that his program provides inconjunction with the unorthodox training principles makes for a combination where your body just needs to put on muscle and lose body fat as a necessity. Thank you Todd for all of your help!

Rhonda, Banks

Carrollwood, Florida

National Level Competitor