Female Transformation Diet

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This is an  52-week diet plan to transform you into a NEW YOU. This plan is a 2 Phase plan…two 4-week phases.

Then continuing to swap from one diet to another every 3rd week

  We go from high carb to low carb constanly to keep shocking the body

  A cheat day will be set in place after the first 4 weeks,

We will describe everything you eat, and your time to release maximum Fat Burning and Growth Hormone

You will need 5-days of exercise at just an hour each exercise day to accomplish your goals.

5-MEAL PLAN: 3 Meals and 2 shakes:

7:00am, 10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm, & 7:00pm

These are very healthy and TASTY meals

(Example: Pineapple, white rice, broccoli, Sirloin Steak, tortilla wraps, essential oils, etc.)

 Our famous home dumbell workout will be included with this deal, a 49.95 free value , for more advanced gym routine

our 52 week 1 year workout plan work very well with this plan, so be sure to check it out) 


Leave a message in PayPal check out, what your weight is and email address you want your diet sent to, or contact tmmendelsohn@gmail.com