Posted by Todd Mendelsohn on Saturday, March 24, 2012

6 weeks out contest ready ??????

to know when your going to do well in a bodybuilding show , your skin should be adhesive to your muscles, meaning body fat is very low, and your lower ab caliper readings are showing a 5.5 mm,,, kidney fat should also be dug out and almost done being cooked off,
at 6 weeks out you should be working on now eating the fat out between the insertions, meaning the fat between the striations on the gluts,
this process alone takes 4 weeks,,, now at 2 weeks out your completely fat free and you have eaten all the fat out between every fiber on the body as you stand there looking ripped and grainy,,
a winning bodybuilder knows to be ready 2 weeks before the show, a body that is still dieting 3 days before the show will come in flat and stringy dieted look,
back to being ready 2 weeks before, now is the time to slowly each day increasing calories to fill the shredded body out to grotesque proportions,,, being so ripped, it will take you 2.5 weeks before you start seeing any body-fat coming back, your just filling out the dieted body, in the 2 weeks you can see if your starting to hold water from the extra carbs, if so , just cut them back for a day to lower glycogen levels , then the following day maintain that level all the way to the show, no more no less
you can see at this point not to carb load or do any funny tricks , just continue what you do because in the gym you are ripped beyond belief, your water levels are making veins stand out due to be 75 percent full of water and your glycogen levels are at maintenance for looking almost topped off from 2 week up-rise,
sodium load why?? water deplete why??? carbload why?? eat sugar before stage why ??
the only reason anybody would need to do any of these nasty tricks are due to not being ready and hoping for some miraculous change in 15 min or even overnight,
how to manipulate water,// you know how you wake up dry but flat, well the dry came from 9-12 hours without water and the flat came from missing 3 meals overnight and that's why you wake to a flat dry body,
for contest IF your 2 weeks out ready, drink your 1-1.5 gallons water the day before,
being done with the water 12 hours before showtime, eating 3 meals carbs and protein overnight while sipping water when you get thirsty, and awake to a full ripped and vascular human in the mirror,,, dont deprive yourself of water after your 12 hours is up , again if your thirsty then have 4 oz with each meal to maintain the 75 percent full look,
notice after you stop water for more than 12-15 hours , all the veins say goodby ,
well that comes from water levels being 75 % full down to 60% full ,then around 15 hours out drop to 45 % full as you go flatter and flatter,,,, in the attempt to fill out due to low water you start shoving rice cakes with honey down your throat to make a come back,,,,,,, well my friend there is no come back after not being contest ready 2 weeks out. LORD HUGE HAS SPOKEN